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Commercial Services

We advise and assist landlords and tenants on a complete range of services in relation to lease contracts. We advice and negotiate on matters of rent review and renegotiations. We also handle lettings and restructuring processes.

We will handle the rent review and rene- gotiation process and optimize income at the property. Many local regulations are in place in the different Nordic countries and we will propose the best way to handle each individual lease. It pays to be well-prepared and our professional staff will always go the extra mile to secure the best result possible.

Our staff has a very professional approach to letting, whether they are dealing with the delicate handling of a shopping center or office space. As for retail, we take on anything from a single letting or relocation to full master-planning.

We will represent tenants in various areas such as negotiating a new lease or renegotiating a lease already in place. Another area of service is restructuring and lease surrenders, where we can assist retailers who want to change locations or close down outlets. In addition, we assist retail chains in finding locations for their expansion schemes.

With our twenty years’ experience, we have a solid circle of contacts in the real estate community and with us you will find that your search is in good hands.